Hey guys, Woody here! So… exciting news. I have a new pad. It’s pretty sweet. Honestly, you guys are really gonna have to come check it out. It’s really big, but already I’ve filled it up with lots of stuff. Well, when I say “I’ve” filled it up, I really mean that I sat around and watched while the humans did all that for me. But, I mean, it’s not like I’ve been totally useless. I played with some nails that fell on the floor for a while. That was pretty rad.

There are a whole lot of new flatties at my place too. There’s a girl who’s pretty cute actually, her name’s Molly. I’m kinda scared to go talk to her though. She’s all white, and you know what white cats can be like. I hear she was raised in Hamilton too, though obviously I’m not gonna hold that against her. Just, y’know… I’m gonna play it cool for a while. Maybe steal a bit of her food and she what she does.

Did I tell you I like exploring and climbing on stuff? I love exploring and climbing on stuff. A few days ago the humans were stacking up some cat cages and I thought, why not, I can totally get on top of that. So I did. The humans seemed weirdly worried when they saw me all the way up there, but I was totally cool. They just don’t love exploring and climbing on stuff like I do.

I also love hanging out with people. It’s only a couple of weeks now till the cat café opens, which I’m super pumped about. It’s gonna be so cool… new people to meet every day! Maybe I can impress Molly with my people skills.

Catch you all soon!
Woodster ?