Hey cat fans. It’s been a super exciting week around here. After much wheedling, needling, and promises of “favours” we have reached our PledgeMe target! We are all very very excited down here, and busy putting together all of the rewards for you lovely lovely people.

Some of residents are getting new monikers soon which will be pretty exciting. I’m personally hoping for some zany names like Zog the Destroyer, or Lollipop the Merciful, or Steve. But those wishes are probably why I’ve been taken off naming duties… So we’ll just have to see!

We’ve got our sample t-shirt all printed and so we’re ready to go for the bigger order. If you’ve Pledged to help us out, we should be sending you an email really soon, and sending out some exciting rewards soon after that.

Right! Better be going, I’ve got a lot of rolling around on money to do…. wait – I mean….. work, yes, work to do.

Although actually we do have a lot of work to do, and we are hard at it getting everything ready for you all. Opening day is getting really close now. So hopefully we’ll see you all after the 1st of December!