1. Please do not poke or prod a cat, and no tail pulling! Be nice to the kitties.
  2. Entry is strictly limited to those 10 years of age and older.
  3. Please respect the double door system on entry and exit from the café to ensure no excited cats rush out the door when they see you coming. This means only opening one door at a time and closing both behind you as you pass through.
  4. Please sanitise your hands in the foyer before entering the café.
  5. All cats are okay with being picked up except for the ginger kitties – Banksy and Mango. If any cats struggle to get away, please put them down. They may be feeling playful.
  6. Please do NOT feed the cats human-food! The kitties have their own food, and some are on special diets. Dairy in particular can make them very sick.
    We ask that you utilise the covers you are given for food and drinks at all times when not drinking or eating as some cats will be curious and a little cheeky.
  7. Photography is encouraged, but no flash photography please.
  8. Tell us about it! If you see anything unusual with a cat, or if there’s an incident with one or more of the cats (eg. a cat looks ill, or gets aggressive), please tell a staff member so they can help.
  9. Keep it clean! Let a staff member know if there are any spills or messes. We want to make the café a clean and happy home for the cats and for our visitors.
  10. Have fun!