Cat Welfare

Love and care

It’s our love of cats that has driven our dream to open BaristaCats Café, so that those who aren’t able to open up their own homes to a feline friend still have an opportunity to play and interact with some truly wonderful kitties.

We are absolutely committed to providing the best care and quality of life for our cats. We have a thorough welfare plan that we have developed in partnership with the SPCA and the wonderful Normanby Road Vet Clinic, to ensure that BaristaCats operates to the best possible standard at all times. In addition, the SPCA will inspect our cafe regularly to ensure compliance with our welfare plan, and that our cats have everything they could possibly need!

We make sure our cats are all fully vaccinated and desexed before they come to the café. Our fantastic vets at Normanby Road Vet Clinic also visit regularly to make sure our cats stay healthy and happy at all times.

Feeding our cats

We choose to feed Royal Canin to provide the highest quality nutrition for our animals. Given that some of our cats have special health needs and that our cats will be indoors, it was very important to us to find a company that has a full range of precise and individualised diets to meet each of our residents’ nutritional needs. We are very happy to have found the purrrfect nutrition for our cats’ needs with Royal Canin.

Finding our cats

We look high and low for cats that will be a perfect fit for our café. We make sure the cats we select will be comfortable in the indoor and very social setting that the café provides. But just in case they ever want some time out from the public, our cats also have their own private space at the back of the café accessible only to them through special kitty doors in the wall!

All our cats have come to us from one of our partner rescue agencies. In particular, we are home to a number of cats with special needs, who might have trouble in another situation but who do wonderfully with us. Check out our Meet the Cats page to learn all about our kitty residents.

We strongly encourage you to check out our partner welfare organisations listed below, who have all helped us enormously in our journey. They do amazing work, and often pay for the care of the cats out the their own pockets. Please check them out and, if you can, make a donation.

Auckland SPCA
Paws for Life
Paws 4 Life Logo
Franklin Cat Rescue
Humane Society
The Humane Society