We have had a new, very special cat join our family recently. Meet Banksy the cowardly lion. Banksy is the biggest sweetheart and we just love him. Although, sadly, he came to us not having had enough love in his previous life. Bansky was abandoned twice before he found his forever home with us. When he was found after his second abandonment he was in bad shape. He had a nasty flea allergy, so his poor mane was in a bad state, and he was very thin. While can look a little fierce with his shaggy mane and snaggle-tooth, he was too timid to really make in the wild! So since being found he’s had a lot of catch-up meals to try and gain some weight.

His fur is still a little patchy and he still could do with dessert after dinner, but now that he’s with us that won’t be a problem. We love Banksy, and we think you will too. He’s sooo relaxed and cuddly, he sometimes forgets that his mouth is open, so we may need to get him a wee bib for the drool! Our cowardly lion may not have made it as a hunter, but he is certainly making it as a cuddler.